Truck Ride

Emery, our 9 month old Springer Spaniel has always loved to ride in the car.  From the time she was very little she would never let you go anywhere unless she was with you.  Just the sound of my keys or me grabbing my coat was enough to have Emery right on my heels.  But lately, things have been different.  Instead of running and jumping into the car she has been hanging back and sitting by the front porch.  “Come on, Emery!”  Truck ride!”

Nothing! She just sits there, head cocked to one side, giving me the I don’t think so look.  As I walk toward her, with my disapproving look, she skirts around me, runs in the direction of the truck but at the last minute jumps up on a large snowbank.   Now I am really losing my patience with her.  I am not dressed to chase her through or on a snow bank.  I am ready to go to work.  “Emery! Come on truck ride, Go see Denali.”  This always works.

Nothing!  I walk over and she backs away, her look has changed to come and get me.  Now I know it’s a game and I am losing terribly.  I walk close talking quietly,  telling her all the way what a “good girl” she is, I reach for her collar and she jumps down off the snowbank and hops right into the truck.  She scurries into her spot in the passenger seat and sits down facing forward.  When I get there she turns and looks as if to say,  “Ready to go? What are you waiting for?”  I reach over, grab her by the head, rub her ears and say to her sweetly, “Your a bad girl.”  Her tail is going a mile a minute.  Thump, thump, thump on the seat.   I smile and laugh and know we will play the same game tomorrow.


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